Did You Know?! Here are some 'Fun Facts' about Jeni Carr...
~Jeni is a licensed Realtor in the state of Indiana
~Jeni is a BeachBody Fitness Coach
~Jeni has been the 'opener' for more than 25 National Acts

~Jeni first picked up a guitar at the age of 20

~Jeni Carr was named SKOPE International Magazines New Artist to watch 2012.

~Jeni played with the same band for 16 years before launching her first Solo project in 2012.

~Jeni Carr's music is being played on air by radio stations in more than 40 States.

~Jeni moved to Nashville where she signed her first independent recording deal in 1993.

~Jeni has a passion for gardening....and chicken farming.

~Jeni's first headlining performance was to 25,000+ people in the streets of Louisville, Ky  in 1995.

~Jeni Carr's first radio release charted at #48 on Nashvilles PowerSource New Country Charts. (Don't Throw that Dog a Bone- Mar 2013)

~Jeni was a cheerleader at the University of Louisville.

~Jeni Carr played music in 7 cities in one month.

~Jeni Was named among the TOP 50 Undiscovered Songwriters in the Nation by CMT.

~Jeni was Featured in 'Todays Woman' Magazines special Ky Derby 2013 Edition.

~Jeni first sang at the Grand Ole Opry in 1993

~Jeni's song 'Famous By Now' was featured on CMT.com and is considered to be the 'start' of her career as a solo artist.

~Jeni first played the Kentucky State Fair in 1997. She played 4hrs, all 11 days. She has been a 'staple' at the Fair for 15 years, only sitting out in 2007, and 2009.

~Jeni modeled for COSMO from the age of 5 to 16

~Jeni Carr was named SonicBids Artist to watch May 2012.

~Jeni joined her high school choir as a 'dare'.

~Jeni began playing the regional 'Jamboree' circuit in 1992.

~Jeni is an active member of BMI, CMA, ICMA

~Jeni has played the Kentucky Derby Festival Chow Wagon 16 times.

~Jeni has 2 associates degrees. 

~Jeni began working with Triangle Talent in 1995, and continues to do so today.

~Jeni Carr wrote her first song in 1993. It wasn't recorded until 2011, and is included as track #10 on her current album.

~Jeni had a huge fear of performing solo. She overcame that fear by playing every Thursday night at her aunts local club, Rubbies.